Experienced Nanny

menajeră - bonă
  • Ţara: Switzerland | Elveţia
  • Judeţ: Zurich
  • Oraş: Zurich
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We have a job vacancy  in Zurich, Switzerland for an experienced Romanian or Eastern European nanny to work for a professional family with two young children.

Your duties will include:
1. Driving the children to school and picking them up.
2. Helping them with their home work and/or reading to them.
3. Supervising  their play time 
4.  Getting them read for school as well as ready for bed
To apply for this job, you must have:
1. a clean driving licence
2. At least 2 years  relevant experience or a teachers  or social worker qualification
3 No criminal record as well as previous employer references.
4. Speak a good level of English.
The job is live-in comes with a salary of 3000 CHF a month, holidays and health insurance.
Apply to Eastern Europeans Recruitment with your full details. 
Successful applicants should be able to start in Feb. 2019.

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